Spedition Lehnert & co - Transporte von und nach Ost-Europa
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For your Import - Export, and warehousing 

Verteilung Ihrer Importware aus Osteuropa in Deutschland
Transportation services for all your  Eastern Europe Ex-Imports from the Baltics states to Balkam Peninsula
Verteilung Ihrer Importware aus Osteuropa in Deutschland Project management
Verteilung Ihrer Importware aus Osteuropa in Deutschland Warehousing long and short term in  Gutenfürst Germany.
Güterumschlag mit direkter Bahnanbindung
Direct train access


Our Company


Our head office is located in Gutenfürst Germany where we handle our day-to-day operations, project management, Warehousing and logistic solutions. Our office in Düsseldorf handles our Spain, Portugal and Italy transports.

We have made a committement to customer service and quality, more importantly our employees come from the vey lands we service and therefore give us an advantage we dealing with customs and customers. saving time and money. and therefore delivering your goods as uncomplicated as possible.

Transport services

Truck transport * Special transports * Express services * Project management

advantages for your Shipments:

       Insured availablity for trucks, even by large contracts

       inexpensive transport rates

       Care for your shipments door to door

        Customs administration at eastern european Borders

       Transport insurance available upon request

       Flexible Truck fleet from Bus – heavy transport  70 to

Logistics warehouse

Our eastern european  - warehouse is located on Autobahn A9 - A72- A93.

We offer great rates for the transport of your goods from eastern europe to our warehouse in Gutenfürst. Or you can use our warehouse as your distribution center located directly on the eastern border to help you better distribute your products into eastern europe.

Gutenfürst - Ihr Anschluss an Osteuropa
Unser Lagerstandort: 08538 Gutenfürst / Autobahnausfahrt-A93 Hof /Ost am Länderdreieck