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Fiscal Representation


When countries outside the EU want to export goods into the EU , they are charged taxes. which often results in much higher costs then anticipated. ie. a Russian exporter would like to export vodka into Germany, upon arriving at the border the EU demands taxes be paid, the exporter now has much higher costs and will not get there money back. 


With Fiscal representation we can register the exporter with the EU and bill the customers invoices with taxes

meaning, the exporter will not have to pay addtional costs and can stay competative in the EU market.



When you as Importer , Import goods from a non-EU country for distribution to another EU Country we would like to offer you a big advantage.

Importation customs clearence from non-EU Countries, with release from importation sales tax


*  Immediately after customs clearence a delivery must be made into another EU country 
* Valid Identification Nr. from you and your customer 
* Consignee is obligated to carry out the registration of the aquisition tax - proof of spending and must remain in your files.

* no Liquidity bothers
* easier dispatching
* less administrative work