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Our warehouse , your advantage!

Our warehouse in Gutenfürst is strategically located in  South / East Germany - Hof - Plauen - directly on the Czech Republics Border.

For Importers and Freight forwarders, who would like to distribute there goods nationwide.  

Directly near our facility is the A72 to Polland, the A93 to Austria, the A9 to Berlin - Munich, and the Border Crossing Bad Brambach and Schirnding to the Czech Republic.

Ideal for Border logistics to and from Eastern Europe!

1.100 m² warehouse space immediately available, or temporary
storage possible at a price of  € 1,20 m² per  Month

Warehouse Administration and

cross docking facilities

Packing services
Long and short term storage.


What ever your logistical needs are , you are in good hands! 365 days a year.

Logistik Osteuropa



We have alot of space for your goods !
whatever type of storage and distribution you may require we are ready,willing and able. 

We have many years experience and expertise in handling Consumer Goods.

For any questions please contact us ! (Contact )
Lager Bahn



Logistik Autobahn Our warehouse directly beside the railline  Nuernberg - Dresden with direct access to the Czech Republic.

Directly on the freeway 
A 72 Hof - Dresden
A 93 Hof - Regensburg
A 9 Berlin Munich