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Services for  Ex- & Import

Services for Importers through our office:

1. We check and make sure that the shipment is ready and available for pickup saving you time and money from waiting time. 
2. Our drivers re-check the freight to ensure its road worthiness 
3. We organize the customs arrangements and cancellation at the german border 
4. We arrange and organize the pick-up and/or delivery at your customer  s

Services for Exporters through our office:

1. We advise the delivery time and date to your customer
2. We help to organize the consignee with on-time customs clearence .



In all eastern european countries customs must be inform 24 hours in advance. Drivers must arrive on time by 12:00 at border customs. All customs clearences are held by customs agents responsible to the exporter. 

By Importation payment of duty in eastern europe the importer is responsible in providing all documentation before clearence can commence and before payment of duties.

(for all transports 24 hours free waiting time including customs clearence and delivery)