Spedition Lehnert & co - Transporte von und nach Ost-Europa
Spedition Lehnert - Balken quer
Our Countries



Our main destinations:
Eastsea Region:         Kaliningrad, St. Petersburg, Achangelsk,  Severodvinsk, Vologda
Ural Region:               Perm
Moscow Region:         Moscow
Southern Russia:       Rostov am Don

Our Equipment:

  • Tautliner 13,6 m. - bis 20 to
  • Megatrailer to 120 cbm 3 m Height
  • Jumbo 120 cbm
  • Frigo reefer
  • Avia 3,5 to used for Express runs

We offer complete and partial loads to Russia!


Exports: Shipments must be presented to customs 24 hours in advance and a stamp export declaration must be at hand and presented 

Commercial invoices:
5 copies of the invoices must be signed with original blue ink pen, as well with HTS tariff codes and country of Origin.

Delivery order/bill of lading:
5 copies with indiviual weight and total weight per piece and shipment as stated on the packing list. 

will be filled out and completed by shipper 

Imports:  We are able to clear through our customs agents
  Alternative Import customs clearence: with customs clearence Kaliningrad with destination Moscow , the Consignee can get a cheaper priced customs clearence representation. this allows the shipment to be cleared and released quickly.


Tel. 09281 1401922  Frau Hartung

For all English inquiries please contact Mike Jedig Tel. +49 (0) 9281 1401920