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Kosovo - Aid transports and Merchandise

About us:

For several years we have been working closely with dependable and reliable carriers. with our partners we have more then 200 trucks to our disposal . Therefore we can quickly and accurately dispatch all your transport needs.  We offer many options to meet your needs.  Its our diversification that can make the difference. Call us today and see how we can help move your goods.

Tel. 09281 1401926 Mr. Costovic

For all English inquiries please contact Mike Jedig Tel. +49 (0) 9281 1401920

Equipment we offer:

  • Tautliner 13,6 Ladm. - Height 2,5 to 2,7 m  
  • Jumbo to 120 m³  
  • Avia 3,5 tons for small shipments  
  • Liscenced Dangerous goods carriers  
  • Heavy - Oversized transports
  • Frozen and temperature controlled
All vehicals are equipped with bracing Straps.

The following requirements need to be adhered to by the shipper:

  • Commodity must be indicated if it is Merchandise or Humanitarian goods
  • By normal merchandise its value must be indicated
  • Customs documents are to be generated by the Shipper beforehand
  • Export explanation with full address of the sender and the receiver must be dispatched to customs before hand
  • Exact details about the goods: Mass, weight, value must be presented
  • Original commerical invoice in several executions 5 St. stamped, dates and signed
  • Toll tax : Transports through Monte Negro cost per Transport 120,- Euro

Important requirements for the receiver :

  • Truck at the Kosovo Border must be pulled out of the waiting line and be accompanied to the border terminal Pristina.
  • Customs documents and customs fee must be dispatched at the terminal and must be paid immediately
  • Be aware that the driver has correct paperwork before he can be unloaded !  if not waiting time charges will apply (first 24 hours free)

Requirements for Humanitarian shipments :

  • officially approved and attested UNMIK- certificates must exist
  • Info over the Internet under UN or  UNMIK or Tel.: 00381 38 500223 (Hauptquarters Kosovo)
  • As wells as the normal requirements for the shipper (see above)

Routing to Kosovo :

  • via Bosnia - Herzogowina, Croatia, Monte Negro, Kosovo
  • via Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Kosovo
  • if driving  via Romania only 20 tons are allowed
  • driving from Italy via Greece, Macedonia, Kosovo

  Further Information :

  • Bundesausfuhramt
    Frankfurter Str. 29- 35, 65760 Eschborn